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Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast

Hello and welcome to Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast!  This podcast is for anyone who loves classical music, or is just getting ready to dive in for the very first time.  Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy it!  

Dec 13, 2017

It's the season finale of Sticky Notes!  This week, on this special Holiday episode, we're talking about family!  Specifically, ideas for classical music that you can play for your kids, your grandkids, your nieces, your nephews, your friend's kids, your students, and the list goes on!  Don't worry, none of it is Eine Kleine Nachtmusik!  We'll go through every age group picking out the perfect repertoire, talking strategies for engagement, and listening to some of this wonderful music all designed to create a lasting love of this incredible art.  Listen with your kids, or just listen on your trip home, and arrive armed with ideas!   Have a wonderful Holiday, and we'll see you for Season 3 very soon!