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Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast

Hello and welcome to Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast!  This podcast is for anyone who loves classical music, or is just getting ready to dive in for the very first time.  Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy it!  

Sep 13, 2018

This week we continue our exploration of Mozart's great masterpiece, "Cosi Fan Tutte," or "They're All Like That." We'll talk all about social mores of the time, why the two men are so persistent in their pursuit of the two sisters, the mounting hilarity and absurdity of the text, but more importantly perhaps, about the sublime music that Mozart writes to go along with these shenanigans.  How does Mozart give us empathy for such unsympathetic characters?  How does he keep us interested in the dramatic narrative?  And what does the Englightenment have to do with all of this?  Thanks for listening!